What is Fusion?


  • Fusion is rock-pop-gospel student choir with live band. Fusion is meeting weekly and realizing lot of performances and tour is the highlight of the year. For tour we will be 30-40 people. Fusion exists in many countries in Europe, choir for this tour is from Czech republic.


We offer inside or outside concerts for schools and public society.

Concert contains 10 songs, dance & video. Performance is full of life, motions and energy. The length of the concert is 45 minutes.


We have bus for transport of choir and trailer with all equipment we need. We can build stage outside or inside (we can use gym or some similar hall/room). Concerts are for free, all we need is one room where our students can leave their things during the concert.

Few videos to get the feeling of what fusion is:

For more informations contact:


Daniela Sardar

+44 7445 230837



Wayne Parson

+44 7882 905477